Resident Clients

  • Productive Technologies

Max Doleh is a serial entrepreneur. He has two successful startup companies, Productive Technologies, and Sigma Blood Systems. The new venture is BioMarketplace, an online platform, built for buying and selling material and equipment related to the bio research and medical industries. Serving both vendors and purchasers — including researchers, biotech firms, universities, hospitals, blood centers, bone and tissue organizations, CROs (Contract Research Organizations), CMOs (Contract Manufacturing Organizations), and many more — the platform aims to bring together a fragmented market structure, helping users reduce costs and increase productivity. Developed to be a “one-stop-shop” for all biological products, services, expertise, supplies, and medical devices, the platform also aims to be a place where buyers and sellers are able to facilitate relationships and to promote brands and research. The first release of will address the blood market. It will connect buyers or blood products such as a hospital, research labs and medical device manufacturers with blood collection centers in the US and then the world. For additional information please visit their website.

  • Watkins-Conti Products

Watkins-Conti Products, Inc. has developed the first complete OTC solution for the existing 498 million women globally with Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI).  SUI is most often associated with exercise, coughing, laughing, sneezing and pregnancy. A full competitive analysis indicates there is no product in the OTC market that addresses both the symptoms and the causes of this universal problem. Due to personal experience, developer Allison Conti recognized a need for this product in the marketplace. After receiving validation from medical professionals on the design, the company filed a patent for Yoni.Fit. The unique design plus an extensive marketing plan that targets the fitness and pregnancy industries sets this product apart.  With the validation of the product and completion of final engineering design, Watkins-Conti Products is moving forward.  The company is currently working on the next round of funding to move the product through the pre-FDA approval clinical trials.  For more information, please visit their website.

A new trial for products can be found out at the Leaky Lady website.

  • ERA Solutions

My Map Plan is the company’s online database focused on providing an efficient resource for the recruiting and job-seeking process that includes all employment qualifications, work characteristics, and history.  The platform is directed toward our military veterans. It enables companies with job openings to have a much broader contact with active military prior to mustering out.  It gives our individual military personnel the ability to create a far more complete history and selectively contact companies with job openings in their areas of interest.  This concept is the brainchild of Hector Guerra, who discovered the difficulties of a veteran finding employment after his career in the U.S. Army.  The soldier database is being developed from pilots at Ft. Hood and Ft. Sill. Tinker and Sheppard Air Force bases are starting the program test.  For more information, please visit their website.

  • Ninja Technologies

Ninja Technologies is a data security company operating in the cellular recycling and technology asset buyback industry. Ninja Technologies focuses on data security services and specializes in mitigating the liability companies face when they retire mobility and technology assets that retain valuable company data. for more information please visit their website.

  • Critical Fault

Critical Fault provides security testing to firms of any size. Our team of certified Red Team operators test products, facilities, networks, applications, IoT, source code, and more. Our unique skills sets also allow us to perform digital forensics to get to the root of any incident. Please click here to learn more.

  • Content Journey

We spend a lot of time getting to know you, your business and your goals so we can create custom content that gets results that best represents your brand. Our success together depends on the relationship we create with you and your customers. Learn more by clicking here.


Carely Bakker Reputation Management


  • Dolce Vita IT Solutions, LLC

Dolce Vita IT Solutions LLC is an IT consulting firm offering small and medium businesses a professional resource for information technology solutions, including managed IT services, business continuity, information security and disaster recovery planning, and automation of network management. The company was organized informally by Stuart Lane Griffing, Jr. while he and his family resided in Pescara, Italy during an overseas management assignment for Baker Hughes, Inc. DVITS provided assistance with websites to dive shops and tour operators in the Naples, Italy and Amalfi Coast areas. Once Lane relocated to the US, he moved from petroleum engineering into IT full-time.  Dolce Vita was formally organized with its emphasis moved to providing IT infrastructure management, managed services, and information security for small and mid-sized businesses. DVITS is committed to providing exceptional reliability and quality of service in its business IT support.  For more information, please visit their website.


  • LevelOps Energy

Selected as the 2015 Incubator Client of the Year, Technology Division by the International Business Innovation Association.  LevelOps Energy is owned by Caleb Eastman and Sid Helms.  LevelOps Energy primarily provides services to the energy sector, including measurement, automation, control, communications, towers, supervisory control, and data acquisition (SCADA) and related data services.  LevelOps Energy is skilled in configuration and application of monitoring technologies as well as network communication devices to ensure that customers receive their data. LevelOps has far outperformed the original business plan, growing from three employees (the founding owners) to 31 in just one year and has had as many as 50 employees in the field. The company has Master Service Agreements with a number of energy companies, including AEP, Devon and Chesapeake and has worked to diversify revenue vectors outside of the oil/gas sector, receiving monitoring contracts with the City of Oklahoma City and the Oklahoma River Lock & Dam System.

LevelOps Energy is continuing is an association with the Launch Pad by participating in the Post-Graduate Program. For more information, please visit their website.

  • Knight Steel

Ray Knight is a graduate of the Launch Pad affiliate client program. Ray was a fabricator at Ditch Witch for over 30 years before teaching metal fabrication at Meridian Technology. Ray capitalized on his skills by opening a metal fabrication shop in Mulhall. Skill in a trade does not always translate into business acumen but Ray applied himself to the incubator program to enhance his business skills and receive direction on becoming profitable. We now have a viable business with specific goals and objectives. From a breakeven year in 2014 to a projected substantial net profit in 2015 and plans for a new facility.

  • JustGOODNews.BIZ

Dick and Kris Rush have decades of experience in National, State and local Chambers of Commerce. The new venture is a website tied to all fifty state chambers that provided positive reporting of the good news from around the country. They have key programs in place at a number of State Chambers and significant interest from national retailers who want the positive news of their social and community involvement to be heard. The site reports jobs, company expansions and positive events in each state. They were referred by Janet Yowell of the EEDA.

  • U.S Energy Recovery

Carl Kasalek is a serial Entrepreneur and has started several successful ventures. The most recent is the first operation in Oklahoma. U.S. Energy Recovery provides turnkey installation of energy efficient lighting technology. Carl’s brother, Dan is in the management role of the Oklahoma company. The company has had initial success with several high profile customers, but needed help refining the management and business skills in order to reach the full potential of the company. The company revenue grew by more than 400% while in the incubation process. The tremendous success at Ditch Witch Perry facility and a Norman auto dealership has opened the door to many new multi-location opportunities. U.S. Energy was referred by Kevin Barber, OMA. For more information, please visit their website.

  • Chaney Mechanical

Chaney Mechanical provides HVACR (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration) services to clients in Central Oklahoma. Chaney Mechanical is a registered corporation in Oklahoma. Clint Chaney is CEO and owner. Most work currently performed is by awarded contract (design, bid, build, and design, build), but the business intends to expand has expanded into the HVAC commercial service market. providing consistent income and building net worth. The company has become a profitable operation in its first year as an incubator resident. Clint worked at an engineering firm designing commercial HVAC the 4 years prior to starting Chaney Mechanical and has 14 years of experience in the HVAC industry. Clint was referred by Kevin Barber of the Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance. For more information, please visit their website.

  • simpliuniik

Brian Gibson is a creative inventor with over 40 prototypes of ideas to make life easier. He realized that it takes more to operate a business than creativity. Brian applied to the Launch Pad ft to learn how to get his ideas manufactured and to market. We have secured patents on two ideas that have universal consumer appeal, worked with the OSU Inventor’s Assistance Service for design improvements and selected a contract manufacturer. The initial funding for tooling and product development was via the Crowd Funding platform, Kickstarter. The initial production run of 5000 units of the Seally Cap sold out in weeks. The Seally Cap is now featured on QVC, Amazon or can be ordered directly from the company. In March of 2016, production was moved back to the U.S. from the original manufacturer in China. Brian was referred to the Launch Pad by Casey Harness of i2E.

  • My Care Solution

My Care Solution was founded in April 2013 by a former sales executive of a now-defunct distributor of medical test kits. The vendor and manufacturer to the now defunct distributor contacted the principle and extended exclusive rights to various products already in the distribution channel. Seizing this opportunity, CEO Brad Adams founded the company and has expanded the product lines and is actively marketing to expanded distribution partners. The Company has an aggressive growth plan in both current product distribution and new products coming into the market.

  • Standards IT

Standards IT is an Oklahoma-based technology firm; offering Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS) which includes; Managed, Professional and Additional IT Services. Standards IT is here to help with any technical challenges your business may experience. The professional staff of Standards IT can generate the analytics required to grow to the next level or to meet new regulatory compliance directives. Standards IT can produce short-term (3, 6, 12 month) project plan with technical tasks and times to achieve the most important projects. Standards IT is vendor agnostic, which means it is not tied to any hardware or software platform and recommends the best solution for the customer. For more information, please visit their website.

  • PoliGRAM

PoliGRAM is a consulting firm specializing in association management, conference and event production, communication planning and employee development. These vital business services often are reserved for larger companies that can devote full-time staff to these pursuits. PoliGRAM offers the same high-level services with a high level of expertise, but without the high price tag. We level the playing field for associations, non-profits and corporations alike. Small does not have to be mediocre. PoliGRAM offers associations and non-profits the opportunity to achieve an active and productive presence in Oklahoma without the crippling overhead of bricks and mortar or full-time staff.

  • Driven Analytics

Driven Analytics (DA) leverages connected car technology and scalable IT infrastructure to revolutionize the relationship between car owners and car dealerships. Founded by two Oklahoma University MBA graduates after winning numerous business plan competitions, Driven Analytics received seed funds from an investor and i2E. The company is currently conducting a beta test of the smartphone application, maintain, at four local new car dealerships. The app is a connection point between the dealer service department and the new car owners. Maintain enables the dealer to provide better service to the car owner and increase service retention by the dealer. The next phase of maintaining is the addition of a device that reads and transmits important vehicle data in real time providing additional services and security.

  •  Profit Improvement

Founded in 1986, Kelly Karns, purchased this financial institution consulting company in 2009. Profit Improvement, LLC has historically had two primary sources of revenue, identifying and quantifying opportunities for financial institutions to improve their profits and negotiating Core Processing and related service agreements for better pricing and more efficient service delivery. In providing these services, it became apparent that a significant percentage of customers did not have an orderly process to list, monitor and manage their third-party service providers. In many cases, the institutions allow contracts to automatically renew for multiple years without a review of service needs or price and in some cases, the institution is completely unaware of the timing of the renewal. Increasing regulation has accentuated the need for active vendor management. Profit Improvement, LLC is offering a comprehensive vendor management solution for banks and credit unions that include not only the software for tracking and documenting regulatory compliance but also labor and professional advice to maintain the data, negotiate contracts and facilitate systematic strategic planning for third-party services. To understand more of this unique business model, please visit their website.

  •    Let’s Revel

Let’s Revel was founded by a wedding filmmaker and a wedding DJ/MC who had the vision of helping engaged couples by sharing what they’ve learned from witnessing hundreds of weddings. When they married each other in 2018, they felt the stress of being in their couple’ shoes. They managed to put together their dream wedding with the help of some top-notch pros and learned more than they ever imagines in the process. The idea for Let’s Revel took shape over the next year and launched in February 2019 thanks to the love and wholehearted support of fellow wedding professional who embrace the mission of serving couples by sharing real tips for a more fulfilling wedding experience.

  • Purse Power

Purse Power’s mission is to help women use their massive purchasing power to create greater economic equality and safety for females of all ages. Their directory of women-owned and women-led businesses is rapidly becoming one of the largest of its kind in the world. By helping consumers find and buy from companies that actively support women and by working to create one of the largest funding streaming the country to reduce domestic violence, Purse Power is poised to shatter glass ceilings and change lives.

In addition to the directory viewable through the Purse Power app, supporters can use the Purse Power Google Chrome Extension. This extension easily identifies companies that are women-owned or women-led while a consumer is shopping, from a desktop online. Users simply download the Google Chrome Extension and look for the Purse Power logo beside the companies and products that are led by women CEOs, or 50 percent owned by women, or have at least 20 percent women on their board. For additional information please visit their website.

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