Where to start

Admission Criteria

To receive consideration as a client, the business owner or entrepreneur:

  • must be a start-up or early stage business (usually less than two years old). An older business may be considered if there is a major change in products, market or ownership.
  • must have prepared a full and complete business plan supporting a feasible business concept, product or service
  • have sufficient capital or revenue stream to cover operating expense and cost of goods for a minimum of six months
  • be prepared to create a three year cash flow projection showing a debt service to cash flow of not less than 2.0
  • show the potential to create employment
  • demonstrate a willingness to conduct business in an open, collaborative and cooperative fashion to include meeting the coaching and consulting requirements of the incubator.
  • Have an intent to remain in the geographical area of influence represented by the Launch Pad.

Any candidate who does not possess a business plan or the cash flow projections and seeks admission to the incubator may elect to:

  • Enter the Launch Pad in a co-worker status and complete the Launch Plan Admissions┬áprogram within a designated time.
  • Enter into a Strategic Coaching agreement with Business & Entrepreneurial Services at the Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Other options a potential applicant may consider are:

  • Referral to the Oklahoma City SCORE program
  • Referral to the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) counselor at the Edmond Chamber of Commerce Facility
  • Referral to the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) fee based Start Your Own Business Class

Co-Working, Anchor Status and Temporary status applicants
Individuals wishing to take advantage of the Co-Working space and companies seeking access to the incubator in a non-client status should contact the Director to discuss the appropriate application procedure.

Admission Process

The client applicant must complete the on-line application and then participate in an interview with the Launch Pad Director. If the applicant meets the admission criteria, then a 15 minute presentation by the applicant will be scheduled for the Admissions Committee. The applicant will be admitted by a majority vote of the committee. All applicants accepted into the program will undergo a background check.

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