AXIS Incubator

Can you benefit from a business incubation program?

Are you a founder or entrepreneur? AND do you meet the admission criteria?

  • Startup or early-stage business
    Is the company a start-up venture or has it been less than two years since start-up, and have the issues been defined
  • Viable product or service
    Is the business concept marketable and realistic
  • Business plan
    Do you have a written roadmap defining a path from the starting point and a timeline?
  • Economic impact
    Can you show an economic impact for specific geography with defined job creation objectives?
  • Initial capitalization
    Does the company have adequate capital or a projected revenue stream to cover initial operating expenses?
  • Entrepreneurial capability
    Do you have adequate technical, educational or workplace experience to develop your product or service in this market?
  • Coachable
    Can you demonstrate a willingness to conduct business in an open, collaborative, and cooperative fashion to include meeting the coaching and consulting requirements of the incubator?

Elevating Entrepreneurs

Business incubators add skills to the entrepreneur mindset and ensure the ability to eliminate constraints

Launch Pad FT serves the needs of entrepreneurs starting a new venture as well as owners of early-stage companies facing struggles in today’s economic environment. Business incubation is a process of analysis of the constraints and creation of a program to improve the business and management skillset of an entrepreneur. The intent of the incubation process is to “graduate” the client into the outside world of business better prepared to create a sustainable business that will contribute to regional economic growth and development.

The State of Oklahoma provides special tax incentives for incubator clients. The Launch Pad FT is an Oklahoma Department of Commerce certified business incubator, which qualifies resident clients that are in good standing in the incubation program or approved graduates of an incubator program for a five-year state business income tax exemption, with an additional five-year exemption for businesses that do a majority of their sales outside of Oklahoma. For more information refer to the Oklahoma Department of Commerce.

The facility and core services listed above do not create a business incubator. The staff of the facility must provide business development services on an ongoing basis to fulfill the responsibilities of a business incubator to both Resident and Affiliate Clients.

All Clients are required to participate in weekly and monthly one-on-one counseling sessions with an incubator staff member. Weekly sessions are intended to review the program milestones and weekly plan. The monthly review is to study the YTD financial metrics and a plan for any needed corrective action.

If you would like to explore if a business incubator is for you, please click here and start your journey.

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