Non Client Services

The following services are provided to non-client/tenant customers on an as available basis. Some services are no charge and some may be on a prepaid fee basis.

  • Notary
  • Pre application assistance in a co-working environment
    • Business Plan preparation
    • Cash Flow Projection
  • Community Entrepreneurship Training, both free and tuition based
    • Seminars & Brown Bag Lunch
    • Boot Camps
    • Business Plan Competition
  • Scheduled fee based Small Business Workshops
    • QuickBooks Problem Resolution
    • Managing by P&L
    • Productivity
  • Rental use of classrooms and conference rooms for community or company functions

Product or Service




General Public

Administrative Services $25/hour $25/hour $25/hour N/A
Lunchtime Seminars Included N/C N/C N/C
Scheduled Small Business Workshops Included $25 $25 $25
Business Analysis & Coaching Included $75/hour $75/hour $125/hour
Business Plan Preparation N/A $175 $175 $250
3 year Cash Flow Projection N/A $75 $75 $125
Install QuickBooks Pro/Premier Included $75 $75 $125
Install QuickBooks Enterprise Included $150 $150 $250
Implement QuickBooks Included $50/hour $50/hour $95/hour
QuickBooks Usage Audit/Review Included $50 $50 $75
Class Room Rental – Day Included Included Included $150/4 hours
Class Room Rental – after 5 PM Included Included $250/4 hours $250/4 hours
Conference Room Rental – Day Included Included Included $75/4 hours
Conference Room Rental – after 5 PM Included Included N/A N/A
Day Use office/Phone/Internet/Printer N/A N/A $15/hour $25/hour
Monthly fee for Day Use unlimited N/A N/A $200/mo N/A
Business Education Classes Included Included Included Variable
Government Certifications/Bid Preparation or Review Included $75/hour $75/hour $125/hour

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